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Building Drafts

Gaps around windows, doors, elevators, and stairwells let outdoor air in, causing drafts that waste energy and money. Our team offers free guidance to help you stop these drafts and improve your building.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Our Efficiency Advisors will help you detect holes that cause drafts.
  • We'll connect you with contractors to make improvements.
  • We’ll train your staff to seal the holes that cause drafts.
  • We'll help find incentives to lower the cost of the work.
  • We'll be with you all the way through project completion.

Want to be more comfortable in your home or office?

Good news! We can help your property manager or building staff fix the problems and save money. Send us their contact information and we'll reach out right away.

Stop Drafts. Get Comfortable. Save Big.

Your building’s envelope includes the walls, roof, windows, doors, and foundation. But you can keep out the cold and make tenants more comfortable by closing gaps, cracks, vents, and other holes in the envelope. Plus, your building can save up to $10,000* a year on heating costs.

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Apartments and Common Areas

Elevator and Stairwell Roof Vents

In apartments and common areas, you can:

  • Remove or cover AC units and add insulation around windows.
  • Weather-strip and seal around windows, doors, and walls.
  • Seal common gaps in the walls of basements.

Going Further:
You can also go beyond basic solutions to further improve your building’s performance and comfort. You can install foam boards, spray foam, or other fibers in the space between your walls and roof to stop heat from transferring across thin materials—even where there isn't a hole.

To close open elevator and stairwell shaft vents, you can choose from two options. You can either:

  • Add glass covers to vents for partial closure, or
  • Install motorized dampers on vents for full closure.

*Based on comprehensive upgrades. Source:

Ready to Keep Out the Cold?

You have a lot of options to reduce energy waste and keep your building comfortable—like adding insulation to your roof, windows, or walls. Check out additional resources available from the Building Energy Exchange to learn more.

Get in touch with an Efficiency Advisor to determine which option makes the most sense for your building.